Race and Capitalism Bibliography

Much has been written about the intersection of race and capitalism. Click here for a preliminary review of the recent social science books-1204273_640literature. This literature review is very much a work in progress—current omissions include most of the debates on intersectionality and some of the classic black Marxist approaches to race and capitalism. We will be working continuously to update this literature review, and to include the more classic treatments of questions concerning race and capitalism. We hope that this literature review will serve as a useful starting point for a concerted effort to develop a more exhaustive overview of the relevant literature. Any and all suggestions for changes and additions are most welcome and can be send to katzenstein [at] uchicago.edu.

If you’re particularly interested in questions of race in the new age of digital capitalism, please click here to access our online research guide on race and digital capitalism. If you’re interested in learning more about the complex relationship between racial economic inequality and debt, including racial differences in household debt, the racial gap in education debt, race and the fiscal crises and criminal justice debt, you can access a review of the literature here.

Race and Capitalism Syllabus

bild-syllabus-race-and-capitalism-aug-28-final-version-pdfLooking for an introduction to race and capitalism? Do you want to bring questions relating to race and capitalism into the classroom? Click here to see a sample syllabus on racial capitalism.